6th Annual Fall Doubles League to Start

Get ready for our 6th annual Fall Doubles League!  Our first shoot will be Saturday, August 27–getting a little earlier start than the previous years.  Signups will start at 11:00 a.m., with shooting at noon.   There are a total of eight shoots, however, the dates are not consecutive Saturdays so please note the dates listed below.  Also, remember that you can double up and be finished in four shoots if you can’t make all the dates.

1)   August 27, 2016
2)   September 10, 2016
3)   September 17, 2016
4)   September 24, 2016
5)    October 1, 2016
6)    October 8, 2016
7)     October 15, 2016
8)    October 22, 2016 (awards dinner)

This league is open to anyone, come out and have some fun!  The rules are attached in pdf format below.


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