Northern California Team Trapshooting Association

Newman Swamp Rats is one of the many Central Valley trapshooting clubs hosting tournaments in the Northern California Team Trapshooting Association (NCTTA).  There are two leagues in the NCTTA: the Central Trap League and the Westside Trap League.

Both leagues operate under the rules of the NCTTA.  Each league holds 8 shoots, with shooters competing as teams.  A team consists of five shooters and team scores are cumulative from shoot #1 through shoot #8 with divisions formed after the 4th shoot.  Each league has a High Over All team, Division Champion team, and a Division Runner-Up team with awards presented at the 8th shoot.  A Junior Division is also formed if there are two or more junior teams in each league.  All champion and runner-up teams from each league then advance to the NCTTA Championshp shoot to compete against each other.  The leagues are fun and a great avenue for learning the sport of trapshooting.

If you are interested in shooting during the winter months of January through April, this is the place for it!


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