You may download a membership application herePDF

Range Costs

  • $4/round for members
  • $6/round for non-members
  • $3/round for all juniors 18-years and under
  • $35 for a 10-shoot ticket (members only)
  • $25 for a 5-shoot ticket

Individual Membership – $60 Annually

Individual Memberships are eligible for a 50% discount with 16 hours of volunteer service (see below).  Individual members shoot at member rates and may purchase 10-shoot tickets.  Only persons 16-years and older may purchase an individual membership.

Family Membership – $90 Annually

Family Memberships are eligible for a 50% discount with 16 hours of volunteer service (see below).  Family Memberships are ideal for those who wish to shoot regularly with their families.  Family members include spouses and children 18-years and younger who live at home; children over 18, cousins, in-laws, etc., are not eligible for member rates.  Children under 16-years must be accompanied by an adult when shooting.

Lifetime Membership – $600

A Lifetime Membership includes a one-time fee that allows all perks of an Individual Membership without the annual fee.

League Membership – $15

League Memberships are for individuals who wish to participate in a Newman Swamp Rats-sponsored team in the Westside or Central leagues but do no wish to be fully privileged members of the club.  A League Membership does not entitle an individual to regular membership perks.

Senior Discount – 50% Discount

Seniors (persons 65-years and older) receive a 50% discount on Individual, Family, and Lifetime Memberships.  In the case of the Family Membership, only one person need be over 65-years to qualify.

Volunteer Service Hours – 50% Discount

16 hours of volunteer service grants a 50% discount on Individual or Family Memberships.  In the case of Family Memberships, the 16 hours may be split among the family members.

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