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Newman Swamp Rats club house and trapshooting range

The Newman Swamp Rats are a trapshooting club located near Newman, California, that was established in 1933.  The club’s range consists of five traps equipped with Canterbury voice-activated target release systems.  On Wednesdays, we have one field open for singles and handicap, with the option of opening a doubles field if requested.  On Saturdays, three fields are open; the first serves long-rage shooters, the second serves short- to mid-range shooters, and the third is open (if needed) for doubles shooters.

The club has been in existence since about 1933, and was known first by the name “Swamp Rats Blue Rock Club”.  The clubhouse, which is the same clubhouse the Newman Swamp Rats use today, was built in 1953.  Later, in the mid 1950’s, the “Blue Rock Club” formed the “Westside Pistol & Rifle Club” as part of the facilities bringing in bullet traps for rifle and pistol shooting within the clubhouse.  The pistol and rifle club disbanded in the early 1970’s, making the Newman Swamp Rats strictly a trapshooting range.

Mervyn Crow, member since 1950, and Harold Vartikian, member since 1969, well known to the community and fellow shooters, are still active members participating in numerous trapshooting events here and at other clubs.  Mervyn and Harold always have interesting stories about the club and past members as well as various tournaments over the years:  Mervyn recalls pulling for the PITA state shoot held at Newman when he was 12 years old–the old Cline pullers!

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